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Monday, February 13, 2006



I've taken the job in Washington and will probably be going there in two or three weeks. It is an internship with an organization that is producing various educational materials written from a Christian worldview perspective, mostly for use by homeschoolers. What I will be doing is mostly writing solutions manuals for mathematics texts. The job will last 9-12 months, but could possibly lead into something more long-term. Either way, it will be a good experience.

Friday, February 03, 2006



No news about the job yet. I'll report on that when I have something to report.

The board game has gone through a series of revisions and version 3.0 is close to being completed. Qalmlea volunteered to design the cards for me on Printmaster, which means that they have been getting designed rather than waiting to be designed while I think about other things. I don't think I'll have a new version ready to go tonight, which means Erik will even more disappointed that he played Heroscape last week instead. I wasn't anticipating that my most enthusiastic beta tester would be a twelve-year-old, but there you have it.

I've read a few more chapters in War and Peace. I anticipate finishing it this decade. It's rather hard to keep track of the various characters, so I'm probably missing some plot flow. I keep thinking it ought to be the first book of a trilogy. The second one should be called Freedom and Slavery, while the third should be called Ignorance and Strength. Long live INGSOC.

My roommate has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia, and is on the third book. (The Horse and His Boy, reading them in the order of the timeline within the story.) He seems to be taking to them quite readily for someone who never read much fiction. When he was a kid, he read encyclopedias and technical manuals.

Speaking of Erik (which I did three paragraphs ago), I have to figure out what to do with my Sunday school class next week. Week after next, we start the new curriculum, and last week we finished the old. I had thought we might do Ruth in two lessons, but it was no problem to finish it in one. I could make cookies again. That would eat up some time, pun intended.

My shift starts in 20 minutes. I'm scheduled to get off at 16:00 today. That would be kind of nice. It isn't likely to happen, though. We're a bit shorthanded and I'm typically asked to stay until 17:00 even if I'm not scheduled that late. I don't really mind the hours; it just would be nice if the schedule reflected reality more closely.

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