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Wednesday, December 05, 2007




This is not an update about life. Sue me or something.

Any prime number greater than 3 must be of the form 6n + 1 or 6n - 1. This kind of shows why twin primes are a natural concept. Furthermore, twin prime pairs greater than 25 must be of the form 6n - 1 and 6n + 1 with n not divisible by 3. I haven't worked out what restrictions occur when 7 is thrown into the mix after 49.

1 Corinthians 6. I'm just sayin'...
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Hey Miah Good to hear from you--hope alls going at its best for you. Break time is easing up pretty fast. Bet you're in favor of a break about now. You never cease to amaze G_Ma with your figuring out the inters of math
figures! Love ya much G_Ma
Sosumi! So Sue Me.

All Hail Google! `/^
Your equation doesnt work for 31, but it does work for 29.

It works for 71 but not 73. And it doesn't work for 66, but that number isn't prime.

It doesnt work for 97 or 101 either

FYI- Brandon
The bit about n not being divisible by 3 is wrong. But it does work for 31, 73, 97 and 101.

31 = 6*5 + 1
73 = 6*12 + 1
97 = 6*16 + 1
101 = 6*17 - 1
See I conclude that Mike Huckabee has always been a war monger and the Obama is the only wise choice for president.

(This is all part of my practical usage democrat logic in every day life)

[Some words maybe err?spelling:0)]
But Brandon-- Obama's overseas experence seems to be lacking. At
the state of our country with some of the others, we have to have some one that knows this area completely. It is a most vital area
of qualifications. Can agree he appears to be knowledgeable in a
lot of areas. It is really hard to
decide who's who and whats what
with those running.Laters G_Ma
Actually I have to admit, my logic up to this point is a bit faulty.

I am actually campaigning for Huckabee, he seems to be the only candidate who is against genocide (abortion).

I have to admit Obama is inexperienced, but I figure if you can come out on top in either New York City or Chicago you must have the moxie to be a national leader (I just wish he didn't go to church that believed its race was superior, or advocate abortion).

You are almost as bad at posting as I am, Fib.
I love this stuff. The sad thing is I've forgotten most of the math I learned in college. Maybe it'd come back to me easily . . .
The damnedest thing happened. After learning this for the first time (so far as I remember), I ran into the same thing, essentially, in a music theory lesson. (I'm growing to hate music theory, but it seems to be important somehow.) It doesn't surprise me that music and math are related, just that I'd hit the same thing on two consecutive days after all this time.
I've never studied music theory, but I imagine number theory plays into it a lot since you have discrete values for notes on a scale.
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