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Friday, October 12, 2007




It turns out the mantis is female. I feel pretty confident in stating this, since she laid eggs. I thought I remembered the one I had in high school laying them every two or three weeks, but now I realize even if that is the case they don't do it all year round. She started looking pregnant around the same time as she ate a bunch of crickets, so that threw me off. Also, I noticed that she was acting sluggish, but thought maybe it was just from having overeaten. I think her name is Matilda.

I didn't blog about this at the time, but I have a solution, of sorts, to the topology/combinatorics problem, although some of the results found on the way there are probably more significant. Turns out there's good news and bad news about my approach. The good news is quite a bit of it could be unique. The bad news is this is because it's in an area of study generally considered to be uninteresting. Dr. Kratz wants to see it anyway, as soon as I've got it all written up nicely.

I've moved the comics links over to the Stickromancer blog. Also, I've found a new comic called The Dreamland Chronicles. It's the first thing I've seen in a while that I think rivals Schlock Mercenary in quality.

I just started reading the Dreamland Chronicles--they are good. Thanks!

You should check out Crimson Dark. It is sci-fi and also computer generated like Dreamland.

So when do we get to see pictures of the mantis?
G_Ma Said...

Well don't tell me I am finally going to have an [odd] great grand
Mantis ? Makes for much different picture then I have seen before.. I had in mind. &>)-of being a great grandma would be with pink or blue ankies and cooing..you know what I am saying. Oh well take what cha get!!! Hope alls well..Love G_Ma
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